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Merry Christmas!

This site doesn’t have regular visitors yet, just random people who find it in Google searches, so I fear wishing them a Merry Christmas is a waste of time. I’m not religious anyway (I’d classify myself as an agnostic atheist), and I don’t really get too excited about it any more. I’m not really a Scrooge, it’s more like I’m stuck in a Christmas rut, they tend to be exactly the same every year. Once you’re a teenager and older it’s not really as much fun. People never know what to get me, except games, but they cost too much, so my relatives just give me money instead. Alternatively I may tell someone exactly what I want, or in the case of presents from my parents, I order them online myself, using their accounts, with their permission of course. It’s not as good when you know exactly what you’re going to get. In fact for the last few years there haven’t been many presents under our tree. When I get given money it will be in a card, and any other presents tend to be from my parents, so they don’t tend to get wrapped, I’ll just open them when they get delivered/bought from the shop. The exception to this is a tin of Tuna which we give the cat every year. Someone has to unwrap it for him, but he always knows what it is. He’ll usually scoff down half a can or so before going to bed to sleep it off. He can hear the sound of a can being opened from miles away, it’s the only fish he really likes. Cod or Haddock and the like he is indifferent towards. So while my Christmas will probably be as dull and predictable as usual, I’m sure Tiger will enjoy it. And after all, isn’t Christmas really about cats? Well, I think there may have been a cat in the Nativity somewhere, maybe, that’s close enough for me.

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