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  1. Alwyn

    I agree with you regarding the Universal Menu … it is a pain, though for me it’s more of a pain because it is not visible all the time.

    However, I believe that the rest of your concerns are only there because you have failed to use it long enough to find the shortcuts that make the whole thing really usable – in fact, in my experience, more so than Gnome which I have used for _many_ years. Add quick-launch lists to the launchers (very easy to do, though still awaiting a GUI method of customisation) and you quickly have access to many programs via right click on the launcher icons. Drag applications onto and off the launcher to set up your commonly used programs for easy access … leave the rest in the applications drop-down where they can be accessed simply if needed. If you have multiple windows up, just click on the launcher icon and all the windows related to that launcher will be laid out for you to chose the one to switch to. The app you want is on another workspace? Just click it’s launcher and you will be ‘zoomed’ to that app in that workspace. It’s all very, very neat – great usable interaction short-cuts that optimise workflow.

    However, I only found these out by sticking with Unity, and getting very frustrated with it at times, for a few days. Now I’ve found them and customised Unity how I want it, it’s great … in just the same way that I used to have to customise my Gnome environment to make it productive, although it was never as usable as this.

    Stick with it for a while … I think you will see what I mean. All I want now is the main menu bar to stay visible!!

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