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Who I Am and Where I’m From:

I’m Christopher Downing and this is my website. I spend most of my time either gaming or messing around on the internet. I like anything to do with computers and technology really (although I have an aversion to most things Apple). And cats, I like them too, I have one called Tiger. He’s ginger. Here’s a picture. I am from Shrewsbury in Shropshire (in the UK, if you hadn’t guessed from the part of my domain name), which is famous for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin, among other things. Like the Battle of Shrewsbury, and, erm, this building not far from where I live, which is a forerunner of the modern skyscraper, and, um, this stone column which is taller than Nelson’s one, as long as you don’t include the pedestal. You can see it from my house. On a clear day, and in the winter so the trees don’t obscure the view.

Things I Like:

Well, as I’ve already said, I like gaming, technology and cats, though not necessarily in that order. To expand on that a bit, I probably spend an average of an hour or so a day playing games, at the moment primarily on my Xbox 360, though at heart I’m a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, having had a Wii, a GameCube, an N64 and a Super NES, as well as several of their different handhelds. When it comes to computers I tend to favour open-source software. I use Ubuntu as my main OS, and have done for the last three years or so. I find it meets my needs better than Windows ever did or does, and best of all, it’s free! On my laptop I dual-boot with Windows 7, but it gets very little use, it’s there just in-case I ever need anything Windows only. Which is rarely, if ever. I have a passing interest in most sports, watching pretty much anything when it’s on TV, but my main passion is cricket. I bat and bowl a bit, but only in the back garden. I listen to quite a bit of music, look at my Last FM profile to see what I like (and to save me listing everything here). When it comes to TV shows I tend to watch a lot of American comedies, such as Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Frasier, Seinfeld, and British ones like The Office (I like the US version too) and Blackadder and others I can’t remember. I like more serious stuff too, like The Wire. Unsurprisingly, I also sometimes watch films, though I don’t really have a list of favourites. I like Star Wars I suppose, and The Matrix, and Fight Club. The Godfather and The Godfather 2 are pretty good too. As is Pulp Fiction. There’s actually a very long list.

What I Do and What I’ve Done:

I have a First Class degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick but haven’t yet decided on a career. Whatever I end up doing will probably involve computers in some way, probably some sort of programming (a teacher once said I was a natural), due to my love of all things technical. Actually, I’ve seriously been considering becoming self-employed in some way, because I don’t think I’d really fit in at a regular job. I won’t go into the reasons why. I keep hoping that any day now I’ll have the brainwave that will make me the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, I think I have the drive to do something like that but I’m lacking that initial idea of what “something” actually is. Until then I’m writing about stuff on my site to keep me occupied, as well as doing things like my HTML5 Sudoku game to expand my repertoire a bit. I suppose this site serves as a portfolio of sorts. Here’s a bit of a Bash script I wrote for backing up my router’s usage stats to my home server, and another which converts FLAC files into MP3s. And there’s also all the game reviews I’ve written (use the menu at the top of the page), as I harbour secret ambitions to be a video games journalist.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

Other things on the internet related to me include: My Xbox Live profile, so you can see what games I’ve been playing, My Last FM profile, so you can see what music I’ve been listening to, and My Twitter profile, so you can see more of the stuff that’s to the right of this page anyway! Or at least it should be. Also, I’m on LinkedIn, which tells you a little bit more about me. Though admittedly I haven’t filled it all in, it’s on my to-do list.

Contact Me:

If you want to contact me you can email me at: Please don’t send me spam. If it’s specifically related to something I’ve written on here, you could instead leave a comment on the appropriate page. I read all my comments. Because I get so few.

Want to Give Me Money?:

If reading this, or any of the other wonderful writings on this well-crafted site, has inspired you, and you want to give me a job of some sort, email me and I’ll send you my CV! Preference will be given to those offering the most money. I have few possessions and I’m not really tied down in any way, so theoretically I could move pretty much anywhere if the offer was right. However, I only speak English, so an overseas job anywhere other than North America would probably not be for me. Also, at the moment I don’t have a passport, as I’ve never been abroad, so if I needed to travel at all I’d have to get one, which would take a bit of time. I don’t know how long, because I’ve never got one before.

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