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Dead to Rights: RetributionOctober 22, 2010

Dead to Rights: Retribution is a very average game. At no point while playing it did I feel anything was really wrong with it, but nothing was really good either. It’s just really average. The story for instance: The protagonist is a police officer called Jack. His father, who is also a cop, is murdered, and the son goes looking for revenge, and in the process uncovers a conspiracy to take control Grant City, the location where the game takes place. It’s standard action game or movie stuff. The only slightly noteworthy part of the story is the presence of Shadow, Jack’s father’s dog, who accompanies Jack on his search for revenge. Shadow provides the only real unique selling point of the game, as at certain sections of the game you take a break from the standard third person shooter parts and get to take control of Shadow in more stealth orientated sections. Here you have to sneak around and usually retrieve a key or similar item to allow Jack to proceed. In the way are usually a number of enemies who you can dispatch of with quite over the top stealth attacks where Shadow will jump on them and bite there necks, releasing a fountain of gore. These sections are, like the rest of the game, very linear, but I found them to be a welcome change of pace. The rest of the game is standard third-person stuff, although the game is unusual in that it focuses more on hand-to-hand combat than many similar games. You can carry up to two guns at a time a side arm or small sub-machine gun and a larger rifle, machine gun or rocket launcher. Guns are seen as disposable, you can disarm enemies to take their guns and you can pick up ammo from dead enemies who are carrying the same gun, but if you run out of ammo completely you just drop the gun and switch to your fists. What I found slightly annoying is that if you disarm an enemy, while still carrying a gun yourself, you swap to their gun and drop yours, which means you have to pick it up again if you prefer the one you were carrying. During gunfights you can also command Shadow to attack enemies, which is very useful against enemies in cover on the harder difficulties. At times though I found he would go off and attack enemies on his own, which sometimes led to him becoming “incapacitated” i.e. shot, but you can revive him by giving him a bit of a pat while standing over him. The game isn’t too hard, even on the hardest setting, though a few sections are a bit frustrating.

I only really bought this for two reasons: It was cheap and it was easy achievement points. I got all 1000 relatively easily, I did use a guide to find the Police Badge collectables as I played, I didn’t want to have to do two playthroughs. It also had avatar awards, which was nice. One day the quest to get more achievement points will bore me and I won’t play stuff like this again. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

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  1. Fred

    Once your quest to reach 100 000 is accomplished, I hope you will stop playing these average games as I’m sure it does your gaming soul no good! In other news those avatar awards are some of the worst objects I’ve ever seen in my life, thank god your avatar is not wearing them.

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