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Stacking: The Lost Hobo KingApril 7, 2011

The Lost Hobo King is the first bit of DLC for Stacking. As I loved the original game, it was an instant purchase for me, but, having done about 90% of everything you can do in it after just an hour of playing, I can’t help but feel it’s overpriced at 400 Microsoft Points. The add-on gives you a single extra area to explore, with a little story about helping the hobo who helps you at the start of the proper game. The area is smaller than those in the main game, with the three different puzzle parts laid out down short alleyways from a central courtyard bit. I felt this was a bit boring compared to the bustling areas the main game offers, and not quite so lovingly created. The puzzles, like those in the main game, are quite straightforward the first time, but finding all the different ways to do them is still a bit of a challenge. Two of the puzzles only have three different solutions though, but the third has a massive nine. Quite why they decided to have loads of solutions to one and few for the other two I don’t know, I think I’d have preferred a more even split. The quality of the different dolls and their powers is just as high as in the main game, and pretty much all the dolls featured are new, which I suspect is one of the reasons for the price. I enjoyed playing The Lost Hobo King, but, unlike when I purchased Stacking for 1200 points, I felt I’d overpaid for it at 400 points, for that price I think I’d have liked to see twice as much new content. Don’t get me wrong, what’s there is good, but it’s perhaps not up to the highs of the main game, though the real problem is quantity not quality, there’s just not enough there to last more than an hour or two. I would suggest non-diehard fans wait for it to drop in price in a Deal of the Week or something, as I think 200 points is much nearer the price I’d be happy to pay for it.

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